Will GameStop’s digital ventures be enough to ward off online threats? (interview)

Chris Petrovic (pictured above) is the general manager of GameStop Digital Ventures. His job is to make sure that the world’s largest video game retailer crosses over into the digital era, when gamers are as likely to download a digital game to their computers or phones as they are to walk into a store and buy a disk. GameStop still has 6,614 stores and annual revenues of $49.5 billion. Within a couple of years, the company wants to grow its digital revenues to $1.5 billion a year. The retailer grew its downloadable content sales by 315 percent last year, and it has acquired digital game startups Kongregate, Spawn Labs, and Impulse. Will that be enough for the company to “cross over” to the digital age?

Venture capitalist Jay Hoag joins EA’s board

Venture capitalist Jay Hoag has joined the board of directors at Electronic Arts. The appointment shows that EA sees a real value in keeping close ties to the venture capital community, particularly at a time when the game business is going through a big disruption with the arrival of digital gaming.

Warner Bros. taps industry veteran Greg Ballard to run digital games

Movie studio Warner Bros. is getting serious about online games and digital distribution. The company announced today it has hired video game industry veteran Greg Ballard as senior vice president of digital games for two of its divisions.