Brian Russell of Zephyr Anywhere, left, speaks with Stacy Enxing Seng of Covidien Vascular Therapies at VentureBeat's 2014 HealthBeat conference in San Francisco on Oct. 27.

What medtech can learn from digital health

SAN FRANCISCO — Big medical technology companies have the trust of hospitals. But digital-health startups are the ones developing the most exciting new technologies. Given partnerships and acquisitions lately, it looks like these two kinds of businesses can help each other.

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How IBM's Watson could be good for your health

Technology giant IBM has been talking about the value of its Watson software, which processes great quantities of text and then provides answers to people’s questions on the fly, for many industries, including media, mining, retail, and security. But its most visible, useful application for millions of people could lie in health care.

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These are the next 5 digital health IPOs (plus one)

The healthcare system in the U.S. is a slow-moving, slow-changing beast, but it’s also riddled with inefficient parts that beg for data-driven reinvention. That’s created huge opportunities for startups — and some of them are already seeing the payoff.