Do online publishers need to change their mindset?

Increasingly, it’s difficult for traditional publishers to compete with the quick-fire, high-volume, and often high-quality content of blogs and leaner social news sites. Isn’t it time for a new mindset on the future of publishing?

Automattic acquires mobile WordPress app Poster

Poster, an app that enables you to post articles on WordPress from you iOS device, has been acquired by parent company Automattic, the app’s creator announced today. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Strong New Yorker iPad app sales promising for digital publishing

Publishers have struggled with trying to make money off digital publishing since the dawn of the Internet. But The New Yorker’s iPad app, which has had strong sales compared to its peers, might be a model to look to when it comes to successfully selling a magazine in digital form.

The Economist for iPad is barebones and featureless, but that’s okay

I’ve been playing with the recently released iPhone and iPad apps for The Economist magazine in the past week, and I’ve got a stinging critique: not of the app itself (although it falls short in several ways), but of the new media and publishing 2.0 naysayers who incessantly repeat, “those old media farts got it wrong again!”