Show customers real-time photos of your business with Prism

Prism Skylabs, an online image-streaming service that lets businesses post current photos to social networking and media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp, announced today it has raised more than $1 million in funding from investors like Zynga investor Yuri Milner and Eric Schmidt.

Text a local business with TalkTo

TalkTo, a mobile application that consumers can use to communicate directly with businesses, launched today at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 conference in San Francisco.

shaker party

Shaker founders swear it’s not a dating app on Facebook

Shaker, a Facebook application that drops you into a virtual environment where you can interact with other Facebook users, is not a dating app. Never mind you can strike up a conversation with that cute guy or girl your friend knows. Never mind that you can dance on a bar. Never mind that you can buy other users drinks.