Want more women in tech? Get more women leaders in tech

Have you taken inventory of your coworkers recently? And have you noticed the lack of women, and specifically women in leadership roles within the science, technology, engineering and math (or STEM) fields? Why is that?

female cio

Why women are leading the transformation of IT

Until just a few years ago, CIOs have largely been defined by how well they could deliver products or solutions to their core customer, the business user.


We know diversity in tech is a problem, but what’s the solution?

Women and minorities are fighting for a place in fast-growth science and engineering-driven industries, and the struggle is stoking a heated dialogue, especially at its epicenters in Silicon Valley and the emerging New York City tech hub.

Escher Lizards Pattern Matching

How pattern matching can work for minority entrepreneurs

Editor’s note: CNN’s upcoming documentary, Black in America 4, has sparked a heated discussion about race in the tech industry. VentureBeat has asked several black entrepreneurs to contribute their opinions prior to the airing of the show on Sunday November 13. Read the rest of VentureBeat’s stories on diversity in tech.