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The doctor will see you now — through Google

Google seems to be getting smarter all the time. It’s already a sort of virtual encyclopedia. Now, for at least some users, it’s behaving like a wise, caring parent that will not only tell you to see a doctor but will actually make it happen.

Funding daily: Let someone else run your social media marketing

Hope it’s summery and warm where you are, funding news readers. The weather in San Francisco is lovely, if you ignore the dark wall of fog creeping slowly towards the VentureBeat office. The outlook is definitely sunny for these companies! Check out who got funded today, and don’t forget to click the links in each paragraph for more details.

Insider Pages’s new Doctor Finder lets patients review medical specialists

At some point you have to find and go to a doctor. Right now you can look for doctors online, but often you get no insight into the doctor’s practice or their personality. Insider Pages, a place people go to post and read reviews on local businesses and services, today announced the launch of Doctor Finder, a tool to help people find medical specialists partnered with patient reviews.