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Department of Energy may sell Fisker Automotive

The fate of Fisker Automotive has been hanging for months, but now an offer for the company has been “signed” and is “on the table.”

Energy Dept. ponies up $120M more for building energy efficiency

The U.S. Department of Energy announced today that it has earmarked $120 million to be divided among about 120 organizations working to weatherize buildings for greater energy efficiency. The grant money will be distributed under the banner of its Weatherization Assistance Program, which has already retrofitted thousands of homes across the country.

Energy Dept. doles out massive sums to carbon capture, geothermal projects

The U.S. Department of Energy seems undeterred by speculation that Republican gains in the mid-term elections this year will put the damper on its cleantech loan and grant initiatives — either that, or it’s trying to have as much impact as possible while it still can. Today, it announced a $102 million loan guarantee to U.S. Geothermal, Inc., and another $612 million for carbon capture projects.

EPA, Energy Dept. sharpen Energy Star’s teeth

The Energy Star program has successfully broken into the mainstream consciousness. Most consumers know what the logo looks like, and even make an effort to only buy appliances and other devices that are Energy Star-certified for energy efficiency. But before last year, it seems like the label didn’t mean much.