Pirating Android: DOJ seizes 3 sites selling stolen apps

Watch out, pirates sailing the mobile seas, law enforcement is paying attention to more than just illegal downloads of music and movies. The Department of Justice took down three websites yesterday that were illegally selling copyrighted Android applications.


DOJ launches probe into Verizon’s spectrum deal with big cable

Perhaps Verizon was a bit hasty in its decision to stop growing its FiOS TV and broadband Internet business in favor of wireless partnerships with big cable companies. U.S. regulators have launched a probe into Verizon’s recent wireless spectrum agreements,which could leave the largest wireless carrier walking away empty-handed.


Skype boots executives to prep for Microsoft takeover

Internet video chat company Skype confirmed on Monday that eight executives have left the company following Microsoft’s huge $8.5 billion buyout offer in May. The company did not say whether the executives were laid off or resigned, but Bloomberg suggests they were fired. Bloomberg, however, did not mention any grounds for firing.