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Oink security bug lets others download your content

After social mobile application Oink was shut down on Wednesday, the company behind the app, Milk, put up a “download your data” option so that users to grab their content one last time. It seemed, however, you could grab just about anyone’s content simply by typing in their user name.

Apple’s App Store surpasses the 500,000 mark

Apple’s App Store, the store in which iPod, iPhone, and iPad users buy and download applications, has surpassed 500,000 approved applications according to a combined estimate by Chomp, 148apps, and Chillingo.

Apple in talks for unlimited music downloads, not streaming

I hope Apple announces its new plans for digital music purchases soon, because I’m getting tired of the constant speculation. This time around, it seems Apple is negotiating deals with record companies to allow customers to download music they’ve purchased across multiple devices, Bloomberg reports.