One doctor explains why the Internet hasn’t really changed medicine

Every single person in the world has a health story. As a doctor, my job is to help people edit the story that your health is telling and to treat your story as unique to make you healthier. It’s our signature challenge to become more efficient and accurate editors as digital healthcare begins to scale worldwide, which can create 8 billion health stories.


Beyond Moneyball: How biosensors are already changing sports today

Today is the premiere of Moneyball, a Brad Pitt movie about using computer modeling to creatively analyze baseball players’ statistics to get an edge.
When I watched the film trailer, it made me think about how far sports analytics have come in the last decade. It seemed old-fashioned to me, because at the University of Southern California Center for Body Computing (CBC), we are studying, testing and developing many of the new technologies that athletes will use in the very near future.