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5 reasons why native advertising has a bright future

Simply put, if you want to really engage consumers, you’ve got to run a content-driven campaign and you’ve got to get that content to a large audience precisely when and where they want them the most.

Real-time bidding is the next mobile ad breakthrough — here’s how you can profit

Anyone involved within the online display advertising space during the past four years is likely be aware of the steady rise of Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and the emerging power of demand-side platforms (DSPs). Since RTB-oriented purchasing enables advertisers instant access to their desired audience, DSPs and other online ad technology providers are recognizing the huge potential in making user data (gathered through online cookies) commercially available to them.

Google acquires Invite Media to help users with ad exchanges

Google has reportedly purchased the startup Invite Media for around $70 million, according to All Things Digital. The company is a “demand side platform” (DSP) that helps ad buyers navigate advertising exchanges like Google’s AdX service.