eRecyclingCorps swaps 10 million old phones for new

1.7 billion people got a new handset last year. What happens to the old ones? Seven million of them were reused and renewed by eRecyclingCorps. “If subsidies are the drugs of the mobile industry, then incentivized device recycling is the methadone,” says Dave Edmondson, CEO of eRecyclingCorps.

Get money for your crappy old phones

Brush off those dusty old electronics and broken phones sitting in a drawer. EcoATM has raised $17 million for its electronics recycling “ATM” kiosks, which give you money for handing over old phones, MP3 players, and even laptops.

Coinstar backs EcoATM’s e-recycling kiosks

Coinstar is all about kiosks, and not only the ones that count your coins and give you cash. It also owns and operates the redbox DVD rental kiosks popping up in super markets. Now it’s extending its reach even further with an undisclosed investment in EcoATM, maker of kiosks that pays you for recycling your old electronics.

Microsoft joins with Dell to tackle e-waste on Earth Day

E-waste is becoming a mounting problem all over the world. Landfills are piling up with old computers, cell phones, and other electronics — many of which contain toxic materials that can contaminate groundwater, or never biodegrade. Now two of the most formidable producers of materials that eventually become e-waste — Dell and Microsoft — are banning together to stem the tide.