Kiss your postal mailbox goodbye for $5 a month

Outbox, a startup launching in San Francisco today, is an alternative to the “old system” of mail delivery. Outbox will collect and manage your physical mail for $5 a month, so you won’t have to visit your postal mailbox again.

3 reasons why Canadian startups should stay put

There are multiple reasons why Canadian startups like us should stay put, despite Waterloo’s average December low of minus five degrees Celsius. Here are the big reasons why.

WeWork Lab’s hip SF pre-incubator space opens its doors

A new type of office space for tech startup-hopefuls is opening its doors in San Francisco today. Falling somewhere between a co-working space and a full startup incubator, WeWork Labs is a “pre-incubator” — or as we’ve taken to calling it at VentureBeat, a pincubator.