blood transfusion

PayPal is botching its much-needed blood transfusion

PayPal needs to be run like a startup again. Or, to be more precise, it needs to be run like a big, aggressive, Facebook-style startup that moves fast, cuts deals, and focuses on massively improving its product.

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Here's what you can earn at the 20 top tech companies

While there’s debate over whether there’s a shortage of qualified tech workers, there’s one thing no one argues about: Tech companies pay their employees well.

Rocky Agrawal, PayPal employee.

Why I’m joining PayPal

Longtime VentureBeat contributor Rocky Agrawal explains why he is going to work for PayPal — and gives some pointers on how he evaluates startup and big-company job opportunities.


eBay board to Icahn nominees: Nope

From a shareholders’ point of view, spinning off PayPal would unlock its value. But losing PayPal – and continuing this proxy fight — could also affect the remaining eBay assets and strengths