A day with the new Spotify

Last week, Spotify released a massive update intended to grab Spotify users at every point in their day. Our reporter put the new playlists and features through their paces.

Slack chief marketing officer Bill Macaitis' business card.

Think Slack is just a billion-dollar chat app? You haven’t seen how this company is using it

If you pay any attention to the business software industry, you probably can’t hear enough about Slack’s status as belle of the proverbial tech ball. But the company has admittedly done a less-than-clear (okay, shitty) job of explaining what it’s for, or how or why it helps you get your job done better or more efficiently. So we tracked down a great example.

mobile users

Welcome to the golden era of mobile video

Mobile video is having a moment, thanks to improvements in smartphone cameras, new apps that are changing the way we consume media, and our collective movement to the second screen.