Facebook data

What Facebook knows about data science may surprise you

“Some people use [data scientist] as a job title, but we have people that range from PhDs in machine learning and natural language processing to web product engineers, and all of them are applying the technique of what I call data science to improving our data set. In the end, what it’s doing is utilizing machine learning and crowdsourcing to build a better, data-driven experience for our users.”

A photo composition of National Security Agency headquarters in Maryland, U.S.

Born in the NSA!

Instead of concealing their backgrounds at America’s largest intelligence agency, many former NSA staffers with serious chops in Internet security, data mining, pipeline tapping and software development are proudly promoting their espionage backgrounds -and launching startups.

Snapchat ghost filled with money

What happened to changing the world?

“Change the world” has become, “What, no in-house barista?” Or as one recent hire from Yahoo asked us, “Where are the snacks?”