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How LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman taught Stanford students to build billion-dollar businesses through personal networks (in 4 quotes)

The founder of LinkedIn visited Stanford University’s super-popular tech startup class and dispensed some advice on how to lead a business to Internet fame. The course is curated by noted investor Sam Altman, who has opened up his Rolodex of tech celebrities and asked them to teach the next generation of eager startup founders about how to make it in Silicon Valley.

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Linkedin re-ranked colleges by where graduates get the best jobs

When colleges are re-ranked by how graduates do in the job market, only a few of the conventionally prestigious schools make the top of the list. LinkedIn mined its massive dataset of professionals to see what colleges where producing employees at the most desirable firms in a handful of industries, including finance, tech, marketing, and media.


Study: MIT's online physics class can teach students of all abilities

One of the hopes with Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is that they give anyone around the world access to great teachers. But high profile experiments with MOOCs at the university level show that students from underprivileged groups tend to struggle and that the mass adoption of such courses could exacerbate inequalities.


Ranking colleges by employment, Stanford is #2 and Harvard is #9

My new favorite college ranking system released a fresh report this week, and the results show why Stanford is gaining a reputation as the best college in the country. Salary database startup PayScale ranks colleges by market outcomes of graduates and found that technology-obsessed schools are the best bang for the college buck.


Where foreign STEM students study … and spend their money

Many of Silicon Valley’s most respected companies, from Google to Paypal, were founded by immigrants. In the race to capture the top talent, each state has been slinging various incentives at ambitious and foreign-born students. The Brookings Institute is out with a thorough new study and interactive guide to where foreign students choose to live, study, and spend their money.