OWS Phone

Apps for occupiers make organizing, communicating and sharing easier

The smartphone has been at the center of the Occupy Wall Street movement, just as it has played a pivotal role in the Arab Spring. And while the cameras in phones have recorded some of the movement’s most searing images, a growing number of apps are helping protest participants communicate and coordinate with one another.

Internet shut down in Syria amid mass protests

When a Middle Eastern country is in the thick of an uprising, it’s almost expected that challenged governments will shut shut down the Internet to hinder protesters from communicating.

Can we really trust the cloud?

Software architects like to shorthand the spaghetti of interconnected networks that make up the Internet as “the cloud” — an amorphous entity, somewhere distant, that you don’t need to fuss over.

China is blocking coverage of Egypt protests on Twitter-like services

China appears to be trying to limit public knowledge of the unrest in Egypt. Over the weekend, Chinese Twitter-like services run by Sina, Tencent and Sohu blocked the word “Egypt” from being used in microblogging messages passed around by users.

Egypt’s internet shutdown sparks a communications battle

Freedom of expression and internet access go hand in hand. By shutting down the internet, the Egyptian government has sparked a wider battle about communications, technology, and free speech that goes beyond issues of concern among the country’s protesters.