Nate Silver drives home a victory for data science

While I’m pleased with the outcome of yesterday’s election in political terms, I’m equally thrilled about the victory for data science versus gut instinct, philosophy and fundamentals.

Where to watch the 2012 election coverage online

Today marks a very important day in the U.S., and possibly even the world over: Halo 4 is now available on retail shelves. Also, there’s this election for the president of the United States as well as many other congressional races.

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Tech industry to Republicans, Democrats: tech jobs are everywhere (not just in Silicon Valley)

A new report from the Bay Area Council Economic Institute revealed that tech jobs are hot, they’re getting hotter, and they’re not just in Silicon Valley … or Silicon Alley. In fact, communities in unconventional hotspots Wisconson, Ohio, and North Carolina have recently seen increases of more than 10 percent in high-tech employment.
The subtext? Don’t kill the goose that’s laying the golden eggs.


The 11 best election apps to keep you in the know

With the Republican National Convention starting today in Tampa, the 2012 election enters its most intense phase. Thanks to our smartphones and social networks, there have never been more ways to get information on the candidates and events of the season.

Can Obama win over cleantech enthusiasts in the 2012 election?

Surprise! President Barack Obama is running for reelection in 2012, he announced today. But cleantech-minded voters will have to consider whether he can keep up with the aggressive clean technology expansion plans he laid out in his State of the Union address this year after a series of disasters and setbacks that have changed the playing field.

Online news gatherer Topix aims for election-ad dollars

With its launch of Election 2010: Citizen Sound-Off today, online news aggregator Topix is now the only website to couple localized voter information with a platform for open participation. But can it channel this big election into even bigger ad dollars?