GM riles electric car advocates over charger sharing

Editor’s note: Automakers are making big bets on plug-in hybrids and range-extended electric vehicles, as VentureBeat’s Matthew Lynley recently wrote. There’s just one problem: In California, hybrids aren’t legally allowed to use public charging stations meant for electric cars. This post, by John Voelker of, explains how a bill meant to change that is pitting some electric car advocates against GM.

Ferrari Shows Biggest CO2 Cut Amongst Supercar Brands, But Is There More To The Numbers?

Governments around the world are bowing to public pressure to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases their respective countries produce, and more often than not, the first sector they look at is the auto industry. Here in the U.S. the government has imposed a tough 34.1 mpg fleet-wide fuel economy standard for 2016, while in Europe the government wants to put a limit on CO2 levels — something that could have disastrous effects for niche players like Ferrari.

Can Daimler partnership give China's electric car startup BYD a lift?

If you’ve followed the auto industry for a while you’ll know that automakers are always sharing technology and projects in cross-collaborations that would normally make any paranoid hard-nosed capitalist weep in fear. But the latest firms to receive official blessing for a joint project might not be the strange bedfellows they appear at first.