Can Daimler partnership give China's electric car startup BYD a lift?

If you’ve followed the auto industry for a while you’ll know that automakers are always sharing technology and projects in cross-collaborations that would normally make any paranoid hard-nosed capitalist weep in fear. But the latest firms to receive official blessing for a joint project might not be the strange bedfellows they appear at first.

On the GreenBeat: Electric car charger Coulomb gets new CEO, Gevo's biofuels shares rise

Here’s the latest action we’re following on the GreenBeat: Gevo shares rise after $107 million biofuels IPO — Gevo’s shares have climbed about 13 percent today to $16.94 at the time of this posting, up from its initial offering price of $15. The company IPO’d on the Nasdaq at the high end of its range, selling 7.1 million shares at that price. Gevo plans to use the proceeds in part to retrofit an ethanol facility in Minnesota to produce isobutanol, a versatile alcohol compound used in rubber and lubricants. The company is backed by Khosla Ventures and Richard Branson’s Virgin Green Fund.