Mitsubishi electric car coming to the U.S.

Mitsubishi is currently working on a new global small car positioned below its Colt hatchback and scheduled to enter production at a newly erected plant in Thailand in March of 2012.

Electric car startups to square off against Big Auto competition

Competition is heating up in the electric car sector, and the next few years will be a challenging testing ground for startups looking to gain a foothold among consumers as more and more major automakers launch electric and hybrid cars.

Can Daimler partnership give China’s electric car startup BYD a lift?

If you’ve followed the auto industry for a while you’ll know that automakers are always sharing technology and projects in cross-collaborations that would normally make any paranoid hard-nosed capitalist weep in fear. But the latest firms to receive official blessing for a joint project might not be the strange bedfellows they appear at first.

The curious story of electric cars and Texas

When people think of Texas, there are always certain stereotypes that come up — cowboys, twangs, conservative politics, boots, guns, and big, gas-guzzling trucks.

Inside the all-electric Esflow, the Nissan Leaf’s sexier sister

While its official world debut isn’t pegged until the 2011  in just a few weeks, the  ESFLOW electric sports car concept has been revealed in the flesh–or should we say aluminum and carbon fiber?–at a special media event in Frankfurt, Germany this week.

Five reasons gas guzzlers won’t die – and shouldn’t – any time soon

Writing about green cars can be a challenge. On the one hand, this site attracts many new-car buyers who want to learn more about more fuel-efficient alternatives to what they’re driving now. Consider the Ford Explorer driver who bought a Honda Fit because it was really all he needed.

RAV4 EV not the only Tesla-powered SUV: Tesla’s ‘Model X’ due in 2014

Electric vehicle (EV) fans the world over have been getting excited about the prospect of Toyota’s upcoming electric RAV4 model (pictured). The original RAV4 EV is still celebrated by its owners and EV enthusiasts alike — and commands impressive prices when examples come up for sale.

My Hummer isn’t electric? IRS details false tax credit claims

During the first half of 2010, nearly 13,000 U.S. taxpayers wrongly claimed a staggering $33 million under the electric tax credit incentive scheme, a Treasury Department inspector general report has revealed.

Which is selling better: Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf?

The first business day of every month is when automakers release sales data for the previous month. Today, we got January’s sales figures, which are an improvement over last January’s.

Cisco jumps into electric cars via Ecotality partnership

Electric car charging company Ecotality has integrated its Blink car charger with Cisco’s home energy management systems. The Cisco-Ecotality parntership will allow electric car charging status and electricity rates gathered by the Blink charger (pictured, above) to be viewable on a Cisco home energy controller (pictured, below).