Can Coda steal sales from the backlogged Nissan Leaf?

Up against fickle consumers, an uncertain regulatory environment and marketplace, and industry giants, electric-car startups need every break they can get. So when yesterday VentureBeat learned that Japanese automaker Nissan will only release five of the much-anticipated all-electric Leaf this year (pictured, right) in the U.S., we immediately wondered: Could this be good news for Coda?

Ford Focus Electric to zoom into 20 first-launch cities in 2011

In a move that shows how difficult it is to produce and sell electric cars, even for the giants of the auto industry, Ford announced today that 20 U.S. cities will be the first to get the all-electric Focus, which will hit dealerships in late 2011.

Gridbot builds an electric vehicle charger that won’t break the grid

One concern that came up repeatedly at VentureBeat’s GreenBeat conference this week was the coming wave of electric cars. Those cars are rare now, but what happens when everyone on your block plugs in at the same time? Will the electrical grid get overwhelmed?

GM exec: Chill, Volts won’t bring down the grid

As electric cars move towards the smart grid, there’s been a lot of worry about the cars overstraining the grid. But at least for now, GM and PG&E are united on the answer: Not a problem, guys.

Panasonic invests $30 million in Tesla

Tesla is getting an infusion of $30 million from Panasonic, a key supplier, as it gears up its new Fremont factory to start production of its Model S sedan.

Could the new GM be a cleantech play?

General Motors announced today it will move forward with a public offering valued at around $13 billion. The company will be selling 365 million shares of common stock between $26 and $29.

Want to hail an electric taxi cab? Head for San Francisco

Urban taxi service may be the equal of any proving-ground torture test. Taxis are driven hard, up to 20 hours a day, and must handle both bad roads and bad drivers. Those that survive without falling apart should do fine in civilian duty.

Is demand for electric cars overhyped? J.D. Power thinks so

With a fanfare going up for every new electric car that hits the market at the moment, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re only a few short steps away from widespread EV adoption.

Tesla gears up $42 million Fremont factory for Model S

Tesla has officially completed its $42 million acquisition of the former NUMMI factory, a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors that was shut down in April due to the recession.

Bad news for electric cars: consumers don’t understand them

Despite the hype and the near-ubiquity of the Toyota Prius (pictured), most Americans remain leery of buying alternative-fuel vehicles. That’s probably because they don’t have the basic knowledge to understand it, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive.