storing green energy

Storage, not generation, is the challenge to renewable energy

If you read newspapers, blogs and other popular reports on renewable energy, you are very likely hearing almost exclusively about power generation advances in solar cell or wind turbine efficiency or ways to reduce production costs.

Primus Power’s flow batteries rake in $11M

Primus Power announced today that it has raised $11 million in its latest round of funding to finance its battery technology, which store energy and provide backup power for large power grids and “smart grids” — power grids that use advanced computer algorithms to efficiently distribute electricity and minimize loss of power.

Smart grid could mean your energy bill goes up

Here’s a novel thought — as homeowners slap solar panels on their rooftops and unplug from the grid, users of traditional energy could see their bills go up.

Update: Ice Energy raises a cool $24 million

Shortly after announcing a $4.5 million infusion of cash from TIAA-CREF and Good Energies, energy storage company Ice Energy announced today that it has closed a total $24 million in third-round funding.

On the GreenBeat: AlertMe raises $23 million, Tesla gearing up for Model S in 2012

Energy management firm AlertMe raised $23 million in a second round of funding ahead of planned expansion into the U.S. market. The company has picked up a strategic investor and commercial partner in British Gas, the U.K.’s largest utility, which invested about $9 million for a 15.96 percent stake in the company. The two companies have signed a commercial agreement worth over $32 million that will roll out AlertMe’s products to the utility’s customers – the products allow consumers to monitor and manage energy consumption over cell phones and the internet. Investors in this round include VantagePoint Venture, Index Ventures and SET Venture Partners.

On the GreenBeat: Amyris weathers first day of trading, California to double solar capacity

Biofuels and biomaterials company Amyris’s stock held up in its first day of trading, closing last night at $16.50, up three percent from its opening price of $16. The stock peaked at $17.44, the San Francisco Chronicle writes. The report estimates about 2.4 million shares were traded yesterday. The stock was reportedly priced below range. Earth2Tech deemed the IPO a “decent exit” for investors, estimating the worth of investors stakes: $67 million for Kleiner Perkins, $62 million for Khosla Ventures. The company raised a total of $85 million.

Infinite Power banks $20M for thin-film batteries

Infinite Power Solutions, one of a small handful of companies working on advanced thin-film batteries for portable electronics, has brought in $20 million in a third round of venture funding. In doing so, it’s landed backing from former vice president Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management.

A123 spins out energy storage startup, loses Chrysler deal

Advanced battery maker A123 announced more than its quarterly earnings yesterday. In addition to posting a lackluster $22.6 million in revenue, the company spun off a new energy storage startup called 24M Technologies to work on more unorthodox lithium-ion architectures.