George Petre

How Facebook is fueling a new breed of social scams

User engagement is a top priority for every social network. As the average user’s number of ‘friends’ continues to increase, a critical problem for social networks has been to develop tools that help users filter and categorize relevant content

Cooliris aims to boost pageviews for publishers of its 3D wall

Cooliris, a much-watched maker of tools for browsing images and videos on websites, has been promoting its Cooliris Wall as a way for publishers to add lots of good-looking, engaging content. Through the Wall, they can present images, videos, and more in a format that visitors can scroll through quickly and smoothly. While the time users spend on such features can be presented to advertisers through a metric called “engagement,” for many Web publishers the real measure of audience is pageviews. Now Cooliris can improve those too.