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Get ready. The second cloud front is dawning upon us

Beyond analyzing historical data and publishing benchmarks, future waves of SaaS companies will leverage data their systems have collected to build predictive business-process improvements directly into their applications.

The ABCs of enterprise SaaS

As we move into delivering software-as-a-service, several fundamental assumptions made with enterprise software are no longer valid. An entirely new set of assumptions must be followed to achieve success.

Why I don’t buy the hype about ‘big data’

You need big bucks to be able to deploy big data. Most companies don’t have the IT budget, and can’t afford to hire a data scientist or data services team. If the trend is to succeed the companies of all sizes, there are a few problems that will need to be addressed.

The 10 new commitments of enterprise software

For the past 50 years, companies built and bought software to automate every aspect of their business … but as enterprise software’s use expanded, it grew bloated.

Basecamp reboots with bold new interface

The app that first made online project management cool back in 2004 has been entirely reworked to better suit the modern needs of today’s project collaborators.

Hit the deck! 2011 enterprise sales may be in trouble, says VMware

Virtualization software provider VMware posted strong fourth quarter and yearly results, but a trimmed outlook from the company indicates that enterprise spending could be weaker in 2011 now that pent-up demand for software and hardware that grew during the economic recession is mostly sated.

Proferi raises $6.4M to overthrow the old regime of enterprise software

Proferi, a cloud startup that’s still in stealth mode, just raised $6.4 million from some of Silicon Valley’s big names: Greylock Partners (whose investments include Digg, Twitter, and LinkedIn), Andreessen Horowitz (which just led Foursquare’s latest round), and Dave Duffield, co-founder of PeopleSoft and Workday.

Twitter for businesses? StatusNet grabs another $1.4M

StatusNet, a microblogging service with similarities to Twitter but designed for businesses, today announced it secured a second round of funding for $1.4 million. The funding will be used to support and grow its sales team and continue targeting the world’s 1,000 largest businesses, it said in an announcement.