Bing employees in Bellevue, Wash.

Why companies are not startups

While it’s fashionable to build corporate incubators, there’s little evidence that they deliver more than “innovation theater.” Big companies just aren’t set up for real innovation and agility.

Dell's Barton George (left) speaking with a developer at a recent conference

An idiot’s guide to DevOps

“DevOps” is one of those buzzwords that nearly everyone in the tech industry feigns to understand. Few people really do. I’ve always thought it sounds like a codename for some kind of covert NSA mission.


How to avoid making sad, unused 'shelfware'

Enterprise software is notorious for becoming shelfware, software that gets bought, paid for, then left lying on the shelf. Here’s how to ship products that users love and return to again and again.

Social enterprise tools: an industry in denial?

We are suffering from a major case of denial. We tend to tell each other only the good news, totally ignoring social intranet problems — low quality app and too much hype — as if they don’t exist.

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BYOD versus COPE: A look at the future of enterprise mobility

There’s a trend surfacing that will start to push BYOD out of the picture in the next few years. Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) devices are the next big thing, and within the next three years, projections indicate 70 percent of global organizations will adopt it.