How I learned to sell to the ‘no’ people

Despite all the inroads cloud computing has made among business users, it still hasn’t broken through the enterprise IT logjam. I see it as a cultural issue: IT organizations love control and complexity.

Forrester’s top 15 emerging technologies

Everyone knows that mobile, social, cloud, and data are big freight trains of change that are blowing up old business models and old business practices. But let’s face it: that train is in the station. What’s next?

Amazon competitor ProfitBricks launches its foundation program for startups

ProfitBricks, a global cloud infrastructure provider, has big ambitions despite not yet having widespread name recognition. The Boston-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company this week announced the launch of a foundation program for the startup community.

The 10 new commitments of enterprise software

For the past 50 years, companies built and bought software to automate every aspect of their business … but as enterprise software’s use expanded, it grew bloated.


The 5 key challenges enterprises face when moving to the public cloud

Enterprises are looking favorably at the public cloud.  It’s no wonder with Amazon’s immense success in helping savvy web companies build their infrastructure natively on the cloud, as well as the relative ease made by highly visible enterprise developers who have on-boarded and scaled their public cloud footprint when frustrated with slow on premise provisioning.