TechStars managing director Katie Rae

How to be a human in a startup

I helped all of these tech startups get off the ground and as soon as they closed their seed funding they came back to me and said, “Hey, we need people who understand how to work in startups.”

Stamp of failure

Three mistakes founders make (and how to avoid them)

These mistakes can keep a company from meeting its growth objectives, distract from the main business focus, and even lead to a mediocre team being hired, any of which can kill a company in the long term.

Venture Capital Stock Image (1)

So you want to be a venture capitalist?

With very few job openings a year, landing that dream job in venture can be harder than you think. Here’s some tips to optimize your chances.

ss exchange bitcoins

I invested in Bitcoin. You should, too

Since I heard about Bitcoin earlier this year, I’ve been developing my investment thesis. Here’s some advice for early investors.

The religion of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has turned into its own cult, complete with a canonical “Bible,” a roster of prophets, and a defined creed.