3 reasons why Canadian startups should stay put

There are multiple reasons why Canadian startups like us should stay put, despite Waterloo’s average December low of minus five degrees Celsius. Here are the big reasons why.

Here’s how entrepreneurs can score an elusive board seat

Many want to serve on a board – for professional development, business development or perhaps just to give back to their community through a non-profit organization – yet don’t know how to get themselves there and don’t have the free time to figure it out.

25 things investors say when rejecting your startup

After speaking with a number of fellow “hustlers” (fellow fundraising CEOs), I was able to amass an awesome list of classic messages people have received from investors after initial contact or initial pitch. As the title implies, below are 25 ways people get rejected from investors.

Why you shouldn’t listen to Peter Thiel about dropping out of college

Attention high school graduates with dreams of becoming a doctor: That’s a bad idea. Instead, become a plumber. You’ll make more money. If you think that sounds crazy, that’s because it is. But that’s precisely the message from noted investor and Libertarian Peter Thiel, who sees education as a liability rather than an asset.


Startup Clinic: Don’t write too much code before you have a customer

This is the first in a series of VentureBeat columns by award-winning author and serial entrepreneur Penelope Trunk. She’s going to be our startup critic: She’ll review new companies, point out what they’re doing right, and give them advice (which she’s never shy about anyway) for how they can improve. Her first company is Browsemob.

Greek entrepreneurs focus on global markets, revenues — but not Greece

Money is on the Greek mind. With the country deep in debt and the possibility of the government defaulting on it, that’s understandable. It might also be the reason the country’s entrepreneurs are building globally-focused startups that have figured out revenue generation up front.


What’s in your startup’s information diet?

Technology startups and political campaigns are roughly the same thing: smart, driven people get together to make something that they think is useful happen for the world.