To bootstrap or not? 5 questions to ask yourself

Dreams of starting your own business are often filled with fantasies of coming up with a great idea, and venture capital firms fighting to fund it for you.

TechStars managing director Katie Rae

How to be a human in a startup

I helped all of these tech startups get off the ground and as soon as they closed their seed funding they came back to me and said, “Hey, we need people who understand how to work in startups.”

Ranku CEO Kim Taylor

Is this startup ready for investment?

Other than “I’ll know it when I see it”, there’s no formal way for an investor attending a demo day to assess project maturity or quantify risks.

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Bigger in Bend, Part 3: Engineering a regional tech cluster

In the beginning in Bend, necessity was the mother of invention. Local entrepreneurs just made it up as they went. But today we are intentionally engineering six distinct activities to support this tech cluster.

Bend, Oregon

Bigger in Bend: Building a regional startup cluster

I had become smitten with the “mojo” of Bend – its superb quality of life, recreational opportunities… It’s home to a small but growing tech community that has been developing over the past decade, and that’s what piqued my interest.


Moneyball and the Investment Readiness Level (video)

Now that we’ve built software to instrument and monitor the progress of new ventures, we are entering the world of evidence-based entrepreneurship and the Investment Readiness Level.

When customers make you smarter

Most startups begin by pricing their product based on cost or competition. Smart startups price their product based on value to the customer — because you can’t guess how your product is valued by customers.

Would a VC back your startup

What makes a great VC

Being a great VC is about more than having a stacked Rolodex, 80-hour work weeks, and lightning-fast response times. It takes community, generosity, and most important, empathy.

Stamp of failure

Three mistakes founders make (and how to avoid them)

These mistakes can keep a company from meeting its growth objectives, distract from the main business focus, and even lead to a mediocre team being hired, any of which can kill a company in the long term.

DoubleRobotics telepresence from Y Combinator

How to get your demo right

The first five minutes is the most important with someone like me. Don’t waste it.

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7 things going against you as a first-time entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a game that you win in the long term. It is a game that is beyond just you. It is a myth to think that you alone will have it all under control, however smart you are.


Is entrepreneurship really alive and well in Silicon Valley?

We’re moving away from the heart of technology innovation — the infrastructure, the machines, the seminal ideas we can touch and feel — to quick fixes that are not setting the stage for the next new thing.


How to build the perfect founding team

Many founding teams fail because they’ve never had the conversation about founder, founding team, and founding CEO. Spend the time and take stock of who’s on the journey with you.


Why we chose to HQ our startup in Vegas

This city has entrepreneurship flowing through its veins. Here’s why I chose Las Vegas over more established tech hubs, like New York and San Francisco.

smartphone parent kid distraction

Why parents make better entrepreneurs

Like most stereotypes, the 20-something, unencumbered entrepreneur and the 30-something, distracted parent entrepreneur are both a load of hogwash.