How to reduce stress as an entrepreneur

A Gmail plugin here, a trip to the gym there, and you’re on your way to not having a coronary at 35! No promises on the acquisition front, though.

The importance of criticism

Saving someone’s feelings? You might not be doing her any favors in the long run.

Gov. Hickenlooper: Why Colorado is the new Silicon Valley (Q&A)

At the VCIR conference to showcase the mountain region’s startups, Colarado’s governor spoke about his state’s commitment to tech. In a private meeting with the press, he stressed his mission to turn Colorado into the most pro-business state without jeopardizing its natural beauty.

The religion of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has turned into its own cult, complete with a canonical “Bible,” a roster of prophets, and a defined creed.

No Pussy Riot, no Steve Jobs

Why hasn’t Russia produced more world-changing companies? Perhaps it’s because the country doesn’t encourage experimentation and rebellion — essential qualities for entrepreneurs as well as punk rockers.

Why I love Silicon Valley

I believe we’re on the threshold of far greater growth — growth that will impact more people, in more age groups, and across more industries than ever before.

Ivy Leaguers: Your credentials are worthless here

American companies are obsessed with hiring Harvard grads and Wharton MBAs. This is true of the tech industry, even extending into startups, driving entry-level top school CS bachelor’s degree grad salaries into the six figures in the Bay Area.

Why Canada is beating the U.S. in startup visas

I read the announcement today that Canada has just launched a startup visa program. By doing so, they are saying to the world, “Welcome, immigrant entrepreneurs — please come start your business in Canada.”

Tech entrepreneurs will have more options in 2013

As Dell’s first Entrepreneur in Residence, I constantly have an ear to the ground of the entrepreneur community. I predict that the following trends will shape the world of entrepreneurialism in 2013.

The Moneyball strategy is the future for venture capital firms

Investors suffer from a number of cognitive biases. The biggest, most powerful and most dangerous bias in Silicon Valley today is called the “herd mentality” or “bandwagon effect”. A data-driven approach is the best way to break through these biases.