Time to get tactical.

GamesBeat’s Unreal E3 Awards: Call for submissions

This year’s E3 will have a special award intended to celebrate the best gaming and VR experiences — honoring special achievement in a number of areas such as graphics, physics, and narrative — and even best explosions!

Infinity Blade III

Infinity Blade III launches on the Apple Store

Sharpen your swords, monster slayers: Infinity Blade III, the finale in Chair Entertainment’s and Epic Games’ gorgeous, award-winning action role-playing mobile game franchise, is now available in the Apple Store for $6.99.


The best games of E3 2011

We saw lots of video games at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles last week.

Apple announces all-new designs for its iPod music players

In what seemed like a tacit admission that its iconic iPod, famed for its simplicity and standout design, had strayed off course, Apple released all-new designs for its entire lineup of music players.