Can book retailer Borders survive without its own e-reader?

Book and media retailer Borders announced today that it will hold off on paying some publishers in order to buy time and reorganize its debt amid a year of weak sales in its brick and mortar stores in the era of digital distribution.

iBooks app gets a refresher to compete with other e-readers

iBooks, the Apple application for users to download and read books, today released several new features with version 1.1.1. These additions include the ability to tap images to view them in greater detail, embedded audio and video within books and enhanced PDF viewing.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook outsold Amazon Kindle in March: analyst

Things may be looking up for Barnes & Noble’s Nook ebook reader, at least according to analysis by Digitimes Research. Its numbers from hardware suppliers show that the Nook outsold’s competing Kindle for the month of March, and accounted for 53 percent of all ereader device purchases.