Why the Kindle Paperwhite blows away previous Kindles

Amazon has just announced the Kindle Paperwhite, the newest edition to the Kindle family. It has a higher resolution screen and adjustable lighting. Here’s why it completely blows away the older Kindle models that put Amazon on the e-reading map.


Kobo Pulse gives ereaders a powerful shot of social

Imagine turning the page of the latest best-selling novel and receiving a notification that, right at that very moment, President Barack Obama is reading the same book and is on the very same page. You have the option of talking about the book with him. What would you say?

Amazon’s new Kindle is its best-selling product of all time

Amazon still isn’t talking Kindle numbers, but at least we know its e-reader is a smashing success. The company announced this morning that its third-generation Kindle is its best-selling product ever, surpassing the final Harry Potter book.

Amazon’s Kindle sales to surpass 8M this year?

We knew that Amazon was making a killing with its $139 third-generation Kindles, but since the retailer doesn’t discuss Kindle sales numbers, it’s always been unclear just how well it’s doing.

Tablet or e-book reader? Barnes and Noble announces the Nook Color

Only a few days after we declared certain doom for the Nook e-book reader, Barnes and Noble announced a color entry with the Nook Color — a device that sits somewhere between an e-reader and a tablet, but thankfully sticks closer to ereader pricing at $250.

End of the Nook? Amazon announces 14-day Kindle ebook lending

It was only a matter of time. Amazon will be introducing a 14-day lending feature for Kindle ebooks later this year, the Kindle team announced yesterday. The move brings the Kindle up to date with Barnes and Noble’s rival Nook e-reader, which has touted 14-day book lending as a key feature since it launched last year.