Mike Gallagher

ESA’s Mike Gallagher heading to GamesBeat Summit

As the chief executive of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), Gallagher is responsible for managing the industry’s role, not just with industry stakeholders but also in relation to government, education, health, and the workplace — with a long list of accomplishments in every area.

Would it be a mistake for E3 to move out of LA?

For years, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has been associated with the city of Los Angeles and its sprawling downtown convention center. But the game industry trade group is considering moving out because of construction issues.

Why isn’t Zynga at E3? We ask the game industry’s spokesman

The video game industry’s E3 Expo starts on Sunday evening in Los Angeles next week. This is the conference where all of the cool new games are announced. While it lost its way in the past, last year’s show was a big success, with more than 40,000 attendees. And it looks like this one will be bustling as well. We talked about the conference and industry issues with Mike Gallagher, president and chief executive of the Entertainment Software Association, which puts on E3.

Roundup: Anemia drugs under assault, stem-cell trial moves forward, medical interventions and poor “quality of death,” and more

Is the bell tolling for EPO? — The news keeps going from bad to worse for the wonder drugs of biotech — the anemia treatments known as ESAs or EPO, shorthand for “erythropoiesis stimulating agents” and “erythropoietin,” respectively. Earlier today, an FDA advisory panel recommended new warnings for the drugs, which stimulate the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, as well as fresh clinical studies on their safety. Recent studies in kidney-dialysis patients linked higher doses of ESAs to heart problems and strokes, while studies in cancer patients treated for chemotherapy-related anemia have suggested that the treatments don’t improve patient survival, and may even cut lives short — possibly by encouraging tumor growth.