Déjà vu: New bill would give ESRB video game ratings the force of law

Congressman Jim Matheson (D-Utah) has introduced a bill – H.R. 287 – to the United States House of Representatives which would give the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s rating scheme – heretofore a voluntary, self-regulatory system – the force of law and make it illegal to sell “Mature” or “Adults Only” titles to minors.

Australia lifts ban on mature games

With bipartisan support, the Australian Parliament has passed a law creating an “R18+” rating for mature video games which will allow retailers to sell many violent and controversial titles for the first time.

What naughty stuff will get your video game into ratings trouble? (NSFW)

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board came up with a questionnaire today that it hopes will address the need to provide appropriateness ratings for the growing number of downloadable online games. Now game developers will have a better picture about what is OK to submit in terms of racy, violent, or other potentially offensive content.