The biggest gaming surprises of 2012

It doesn’t matter how closely you follow the news or how often you refresh your browser; some companies can still manage to catch the gaming public completely unaware. Here are some of our picks for the biggest surprises of 2012.


Anonymous plans to continue where LulzSec left off

Even though hacker group LulzSec supposedly disbanded on Saturday, its members may simply be joining the Anonymous hacking collective to give it more protection. According to tweets from Anonymous, LulzSec members haven’t gone on hiatus but did drop the LulzSec name.

Dust 514 drops a shooter into EVE Online MMO universe

EVE Online is a pretty popular online game that has around 400,000 subscribers and a massive universe, but it’s mercilessly complicated and can be quite daunting for new players.

Eve Online launches social network inside sci-fi game universe

CCP Games is announcing today that it has created a social networking platform for its Eve Online sci-fi game universe. The platform will let friends talk and share with each other even when they’re not inside the virtual world.