Where is app user acquisition headed? Join us at GamesBeat 2012 to find out

Without users, it doesn’t matter how innovative your mobile app or game is. At next week’s GamesBeat 2012 conference in San Francisco, we explore the future of user acquisition with speakers such as Rober Weber, a cofounder of W3i; Gabriel Leydon, the CEO of Machine Zone; Ben Vu, a cofounder and CEO of SkyVu Entertainment; and mobile strategy consultant A.J. Yeakel.

Google+ Events: a visual tour

Google+, the oft-denigrated social network that many want to compare unfavorably to Facebook, is now rolling out Google+ Events — and it’s a very interesting service that should put some heat on events leaders such as Meetup and, yes, Facebook.


Round three of our MobileBeat 2012 speakers

We’re a few weeks away from MobileBeat 2012, VentureBeat’s annual mobile conference, where we’ve lined up some of the biggest names in the industry to delve into the event’s core theme: “Design is the new battleground.”

MLOVE conference marries mobile tech, drum circles, and Maslow

Deep in the pine forests of Monterey, California, the land of midnight mists, roaring surf and the birthplace of the human potential movement (Esalen), Harald Neidhardt brought his own European brand of passion and inspiration to the future of mobile at his first U.S. MLOVE conference (Asilomar, April 24-26th).

VentureBeat Mobile Summit

VentureBeat’s 2012 Mobile Summit: Great minds tackle 5 key mobile issues

We decided to host the Mobile Summit last year after realizing that there aren’t many places for mobile leaders to sit down and have a conversation. There are plenty of mobile conferences out there, including our own annual , but those events can often be crowded, and don’t allow for the same sort of intimate discussions that our Mobile Summit fosters. This year we’re discussing five new issues facing the industry…

DEMO Asia is holding auditions — beginning today!

In Feb-March of next year, I’m heading to Singapore to attend DEMO Asia, a new event we’ve created to showcase the most disruptive technology companies in the Asia Pacific region.

NYC companies: Get feedback from VentureBeat and RRE Ventures

If you’re based in New York and looking to launch your next big tech product, join us for a private feedback session on December 13 with one of the city’s most respected venture capital groups, RRE Ventures.