Evo 4G shortages hurting Sprint's 4G network plans

Despite being the first wireless carrier to offer a 4G wireless network — which promises speeds ten times that of 3G — Sprint is finding that increased shortages of its flagship Evo 4G Android smartphone may be hindering its plans for 4G domination, according to the Wall Street Journal.

HTC quarterly sales up 58% thanks to Android

Not surprisingly, Google’s Android platform is proving to be a godsend for Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC. The company has released its June financial numbers today, showing its total second quarter revenue as $1.88 billion (up 58 percent from the same time last year), with $268 million in profit — up 33 percent from $202 million 12 months ago.

Updates on HTC Evo 4G issues: Screen separation is minor, software fix coming for sensitivity trouble

It seems we struck a nerve with some HTC Evo 4G owners in our previous coverage detailing a few well-known problems with the Android device — which included reports of screen separation, and touchscreen sensitivity issues. Now there’s word that HTC is aware of the problems and has plans for fixing them, according to Engadget.

Sprint CFO hopes that Android-powered Evo 4G can combat iPhone 4

At an investor conference in New York on Wednesday, Sprint’s chief financial officer Robert Brust discussed why he believes fewer subscribers will jump to the iPhone 4 this summer, compared to previous summers which saw new iPhone releases. This time around, he believes that Sprint has a major weapon against the iPhone in the form of its Android-powered superphone, the Evo 4G, CNET  reports.