Wheelchair users walk this way with ReWalk 2.0

A man in a wheelchair stands up and takes his first step in many years. Attached to his legs and waist is a robotic exoskeleton called the ReWalk which helps him to stand, sit, walk and even climb stairs. One user, Claire Lomas, even completed the London marathon in one

Top five exoskeletons (gallery)

Human beings have been using technology to extend their physical capabilities since the first stone tools but the bionic man is no longer just a sci-fi dream. Meet five exoskeletons which let paraplegics walk again, extend the endurance of soldiers and keep first-responders safe in a nuclear accident.

Paraplegics walk again with bionic exoskeleton ReWalk

It took Claire Lomas 17 days to complete the London marathon. The twist? Lomas is paralyzed from the chest down and walked the entire course wearing a robotic exoskeleton called the ReWalk. ReWalk users, who thought they would never walk again, can stand, sit, walk and climb stairs.

Equipois seeks $1.5M for ergonomic devices

Equipois, a Los Angeles developer of assisted-support devices for the prevention of repetitive stress injury, is partway through raising a $1.5 million first round, VentureWire reports (subscription required). The company plans a larger $10 million round by the end of this year.