Analysis: Facebook makes a move to capture your whole life

Facebook made its power move to capture everything about your life today. In a keynote speech at Facebook’s f8 developer conference today, Facebook CEO executive Mark Zuckerberg talked about how to make the social network indispensable to the recording of our memories, the big moments in our lives, and our interactions with friends.

Dylan’s Desk: Facebook approaches a billion customers

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Facebook schedules f8 conference for Sept. 22

Facebook has scheduled its f8 conference for Sept. 22 in San Francisco. The all-day event is where the company’s engineers and product teams will highlight “new tools along with best practices for developers and partners building the next generation of social practices.”

How Mark Zuckerberg handles himself with the press (videos)

Mark Zuckerberg has a reputation as a billionaire boy wonder and is often compared to a young Bill Gates. The chief executive of Facebook attended his own keynote speech in blue jeans and a hoodie at the f8 conference today in San Francisco. In his speech, he stayed on message.

What you missed at Facebook’s f8 conference

VentureBeat has been drowning today in posts from f8, Facebook’s developer conference in San Francisco. Obviously, we think there was plenty of news worth covering, but for someone who wasn’t checking the site every few hours, it might be a little overwhelming.

F8 for outsiders: It’s pronounced “eff ate” at Facebook

Facebook’s f8 conference, a one-day event in San Francisco for software developers and entrepreneurs looking to make money off the social network’s seemingly unstoppable growth, is in full swing right now. But a bunch of people on the Internet have admitted to each other that none of us knows where the name “f8″ came from. Nor do we know for sure the correct pronunciation — that is, what they call it at Facebook. Is it “eff ate” or “fate?”

Web pioneer Marc Andreessen: Twitter developers think too small

Marc Andreessen, the venture capitalist who also cofounded Netscape and Ning and serves on the board of Facebook, weighed in today on the Twitter platform debate with a position that probably won’t make Twitter developers happy.

Scribd adds social tools for people tired of reading alone

Following Facebook’s announcement this morning of powerful new social tools for websites, book- and document-sharing site Scribd is unveiling features taking advantage of the new capabilities. While that might sound like a minor upgrade, founder and chief executive Trip Adler said the improvements should reshape who uses Scribd and why.

Facebook seeks to unravel Google’s Web with the Open Graph

The core of Facebook’s big f8 conference today is centered around the idea of an Open Graph, a map of people’s relationships and their connections to all objects and content on the Web. That means Facebook can not only map who you’re friends with, but it and other applications interacting with the social network can also graph the restaurants, books, movies, news articles and cities you like.

FriendFeed cofounder: No plans to shut down the site

FriendFeed, a site where users can aggregate their social networks and communicate in real-time, has become something like a forgotten stepchild after Facebook acquired the company last year. As one of a dwindling number of users, I felt pretty confident that the site would disappear eventually, but apparently there are no plans for a shutdown.

Microsoft Office and Facebook partner to ward off Google Docs

One of the more promising parts of the coming upgrade of Microsoft Office is the online version — but the responses I’ve seen to sneak peeks of the web-based Office apps have been pretty mixed. Beyond the Office brand name (which is certainly formidable), what’s going to make these apps any better than what companies like Google already offer?

Facebook has 400M users, 100M on Connect

Before making the big announcements today at f8, Facebook’s developer conference in San Francisco, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg shared some numbers on how massive the site and related services have become. Oddly, the big number, 400 million users worldwide, was the same milestone the company mentioned crossing back in February.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote live (video)

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to delivered the keynote address at the f8, the conference for Facebook application developers, today at 10am Pacific. Stealing back the spotlight from Twitter, which announced its advertising business model at its Chirp conference last week, Zuckerberg is expected to unveil a bunch of new features.

Facebook looks cozy with Microsoft, Amazon — a challenge to Google?

During Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote today, senior representatives from Microsoft and Amazon came on stage to demonstrate how they’re integrating their services with Platform. Google was nowhere to be seen. Forget the Facebook-Myspace rivalry — could an anti-Google triumvirate be forming?

We’re covering Facebook Platform…

Update, 4pm: Significantly, Zuckerberg said Facebook is encouraging developers to build applications to make money, both from advertisements and other transactions. Developers would do this from a “canvas” page given to developers to work on. Zuckerberg stressed two other themes, “deep integration,” and “mass distribution,” examples of which are illustrated in our Agape/Causes on Facebook story posted after this one.