Ex-Fab exec starts online discounter Lesara

The new company, set up in September 2013 and based in Berlin, currently employs about 20 people. It went live todayoffering a relatively small selection of clothing, jewelry, electronic and home goods.

fab free shipping

Fab goes to free shipping. Permanently.

We can’t bear to say it, but the holidays are sort of upon us, and design-centric flash sales site Fab.com is getting into the swing of things early with free shipping.


Dave McClure: hottest investments, favorite start-ups, biggest screwups, and clueless founders

Dave McClure is one of the most prominent angel investors in Silicon Valley — and possibly the world. His accelerator, 500 Startups, will fund its 500th company sometime this year. And no, in answer to “all the stupid questions,” 500 Startups will not shut its doors after reaching that number.
He may also take the prize for most F-bombs per sentence of any investor.

Intel opens $2.5B chip factory in China

In another sign that China is moving up the food chain in manufacturing, Intel said today it has opened its first-ever chip manufacturing plant in Dalian, China.