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Why Facebook’s video ads are destined to fail

Until Facebook is able to figure out a way to make its video advertising entertaining enough to keep its users from browsing different websites, its video strategy is misguided at best.

6 ways digital marketers can use Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature

Facebook recently released its “Custom Audiences” feature, which allows digital markets to run advertising campaigns targeted specifically to certain customers and prospects. With nearly 83 percent of marketers using Facebook, what can marketers actually do with this new tool?

Facebook hopes to rewrite its sad financial narrative with strong Q2

Facebook will try to turn its story around today. In its first earnings report as a public company, it will use a positive second-quarter earnings statement as a way to craft an uplifting tale. Investors, however, may have trouble seeing the story as anything but a work of fiction.

Facebook logout page ads said to cost $700k per day

Advertisers desirous of taking of advantage of Facebook’s newest placement opportunity, the logout page, might need to prepare for a little sticker shock. The digital billboard space is rumored to require a minimum daily ad spend of $710,000.

Clickable lets small businesses go beyond Google’s search ads

For many small businesses, Google’s AdWords product may be their only online marketing channel. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, New York City startup Clickable introduced its Master Campaign tool, which the company claims is the first product to allow for campaign management across Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Bing.

Facebook developing own ad targeting technology

Facebook, the booming social network company, is quietly creating a technology that would let advertisers target Facebook users based on the “massive amounts of information people reveal” about themselves, according to a story in today’s WSJ.