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Video calling could be Facebook’s next freemium bombshell

Social networking site Facebook launched a new service on Wednesday within the site that lets users start video conferences with each other using Skype’s video chat technology. The chief executives of both companies said the service was free, but teased reporters with suggestions that they might introduce premium features in the future.

CardPool lets you cash in gift cards for Facebook Credits

This holiday season should be a crazy time for gift-card exchanges, where users can unload unwanted cards. And one of those exchanges, CardPool, just added a novel way to pay you for those cards: with Facebook Credits.

Facebook Credits coming to a Target near you

Target announced this morning that it will be selling Facebook Credits gift cards starting Sunday, September 5, through its 1,750 U.S. retail stores and on The gift cards will be available in values of $15, $25, and $50.

Google expands social arsenal with Jambool

It looks like Google isn’t done acquiring companies to bolster its rumored social networking product Google Me. The search giant announced that it had acquired social application startup Slide last week, and now TechCrunch reports that it’s buying Jambool, the maker of a payment platform for social games.

Playdom commits to using Facebook Credits exclusively for five years

Playdom, the largest social gaming company on MySpace and the third-largest on Facebook, has signed a five-year contract to exclusively use Facebook’s Credits as in-game currency across all of its titles, reports Inside Social Games.

Facebook to close virtual gift shop as it hones in on Credits

Facebook is shuttering its virtual goods store after three years and is focusing on building out its Credits online payments system. The Credits system will give third-party companies who run games and other applications on Facebook a uniform currency for selling virtual items on the social network.

EA Playfish exec touts next-generation Facebook games

Sebastien DeHalleux was the No. 2 executive at Playfish when Electronic Arts acquired the social game company for as much as $400 million in November. At that time, EA was slashing its staff in traditional console games, and its big bet was that social games such as the ones that Playfish made were the future.