Facebook’s Parse now lets your apps work offline

SAN FRANCISCO — At Facebook’s f8 developer conference, Parse had some big announcements: a handful of pretty useful new features, new service plans, and — oh, yeah — the capability to build apps that work offline.

facebook anonymous login2

Facebook logins are going anonymous

SAN FRANCISCO — Want to use a new app or website? Want to log in? Maybe with Facebook? Now, you no longer have to share your whole life just by logging in with Facebook.


Facebook open-sources Pop, the animation magic behind Paper

“The innovation of touch interfaces has ushered in a new wave of software design. Direct manipulation of on-screen elements has removed one level of indirection, which in turn has raised our expectations for the screen as a medium. If objects respond to our touches, they should also respond to the velocity of our flick,” said Kimon Tsinteris, cofounder of Push Pop Press.

A protest in Istanbul in June, 2013.

Turkey’s social censorship will hurt startups

With so many citizens finding ways around his censorship of Twitter and YouTube, Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may not have succeeded in silencing Western online media — but he may well kill off Turkish digital startups’ own chances of success.