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Why your app needs to be real-time

World of Warcraft, Facetime, WebEx, ETrade’s MarketCaster, and Facebook’s live “Ticker” may seem completely unrelated, but they all represent real-time apps, connecting users instantly with the real world.

Tango video chat heads to Windows PCs

Video-calling application Tango announced on its blog today that it is now available on desktop PCs. The company originally announced the feature back in July, along with a $42 million second round of funding.

A first look at the iPad 2, up close and personal (video)

Apple launched the iPad 2 tablet computer today, and it looks like another hit. The company has added a lot of new features to the device and still managed to keep the price the same. After today’s press event, we got a close-up look at the iPad 2, and it’s clear that the company has once again set the bar for rival tablet makers to beat.

Mac FaceTime security hole could compromise your Apple ID

Apple’s new FaceTime software for Macs, which lets Mac users video chat with iPhone 4 and iPod Touch FaceTime users, apparently has a gaping security hole which could compromise your Apple ID password, the site MacNotes reports.

Steve Jobs demonstrates FaceTime video conferencing on the Mac (video)

Steve Jobs showed off video conferencing between a Mac and an iPhone 4 on stage today at Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event in Cupertino, Calif. He showed Facetime video conferencing in a demo with Apple marketing executive Phil Schiller. Now you can talk with someone on an iPhone and they can change the aspect of the video from vertical to horizontal. They can also press a button to activate a video view of what they are pointing their iPhone at with a front-facing camera.

How Apple will be bringing FaceTime video chat to the iPad, iPod Touch

Ever since Apple debuted its FaceTime video chat feature on the iPhone 4, speculation has run rampant about the feature appearing on other Apple devices. Now, it appears we have more concrete information about FaceTime showing up on the next iPad and iPod Touch, as well as an idea of how it will work, according to a trusted source that spoke to the mobile gadget site Boy Genius Report.

Review: Apple’s iPhone 4 excels with polish in the face of Android competition

Months before it was officially announced, the iPhone 4 was already the talk of the technology world — although not in the way Apple would have liked. Thanks to the gadget blog Gizmodo — who purchased a lost iPhone 4 prototype and leaked photos, video, and other key details of the device to an eager public — Apple’s traditional veil of secrecy was lifted. Unlike previous iPhone hardware announcements, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs officially announced the device at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, there was little in the way of surprises.

Apple: FaceTime video chat won’t eat up iPhone minutes

When Steve Jobs showed off FaceTime — its iPhone 4 video chat feature — at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, it wasn’t exactly clear how it affected your cellular minutes. Since FaceTime video calls can be initiated right from a standard voice call, some speculated that it would continue to use up your cellular minutes — despite video calls being limited only to Wi-Fi.