"Katy was so worried when you two just took off like that"

What 2 runaway llamas taught us about net neutrality

For about two hours today, all the Internet wanted to talk about was the FCC’s historic net neutrality decision. Then, suddenly, the digerati focused on two runaway llamas. The two events are more connected than you might think.

Anti-"Fast Lane" protestors camped outside FCC.

Why marketers need to fight for net neutrality

While marketing isn’t necessarily an area of the tech industry that has had much to say about net neutrality, today’s endorsement from President Barack Obama is a perfect place to start. Here’s why this particular group should be particularly worried about the damage that an Internet without net neutrality would cause to their overall business aims.


Obama's support for net neutrality could sway the FCC in December

This morning President Barack Obama issued a statement that he thinks the Federal Communications Commission should reclassify the Internet as a utility. Net neutrality advocate Marvin Ammori says that getting Obama’s public approval may help deliver a decision from the FCC as early as December.