How simple mobile tech can put America back to work

Hourly workers represent more than 59 percent of the U.S. workforce, but they’re often left behind by recruiting solutions aimed at workers who have smartphones or laptops.

Twitter goes after feature phone market with native Nokia app

Not dumbing down the information network experience for the hundreds of millions of people still carrying around feature phones, Twitter has today released a native mobile app, consistent with its iPhone and Android offerings, for all Nokia Series 40 devices.

How RIM could save itself: With a “super feature phone”

Research In Motion is reportedly attempting to sell itself after rejecting the former co-CEO’s plan to open up its network to carriers. But for some reason it is not pursuing the creation of a lucrative category between smart phones and feature phones — the super feature phone.

Facebook acquires Israeli mobile app startup Snaptu

Snaptu confirmed this morning that it has been acquired by Facebook. The social network reportedly paid as much as $70 million for the Israeli startup, which makes apps for feature phones.

Want to make money off a mobile app? Build a free Java version

Smartphones get all the buzz, but mobile app warehouse GetJar claims that 90 percent of phones in use worldwide, and 72 percent of American phones, are still the non-smartphones that the mobile industry confusingly calls “feature phones.”