Verizon to bring live TV to iPad, video-on-demand to PCs and mobile devices

Verizon today showed off its attempt at a TV Everywhere offering — which would allow subscribers to its internet/TV/phone bundle service FiOS to access content on screens other than their televisions. It’s working on both an iPad application that would let users view live TV and a video-on-demand (VOD) offering for computers and mobile devices, reports NewTeeVee.

Verizon slows down expansion of its FiOS fiber network

Verizon is looking to end the expensive roll out its FiOS service — which delivers high-speed internet, television, and phone service to millions of subscribers across the East Coast. The company will finish up its FiOS expansion in certain major markets, but those that haven’t received it yet are most likely out of luck, according to the AP.

Virgin Media to roll out 100Mbps fiber broadband to 12.6M UK homes

Virgin Media announced today that it would begin rolling out 100 megabit per second fiber broadband to 12.6 million homes in the United Kingdom. The news follows the UK government’s pledge to bring universal broadband to everyone in Britain by 2012, as well as plans from ISPs in the U.S. and elsewhere to push next-generation broadband speeds.