Online Warmongers’ founder on building a balanced free-to-play shooter (interview)

Online Warmongers is a company looking to bring the production values and quality of a traditional retail game to a free-to-play shooter. Over a million players have now experienced the beta test of its War Inc. Battle Zone game, and around 200,000 users are logging in every month. With the game due for full release in April, Online Warmongers’ founder Sergey Titov spoke to VentureBeat about building a balanced free-to-play shooter and his vision for the future of the game.

Classic Halo remake coming to Xbox 360

Microsoft announced today that it is re-mastering its popular Halo game for the Xbox 360 with high-definition graphics and Xbox Live features. The company made the announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo today in Los Angeles, Calif.

Microsoft leaks details about next Halo game

Xbox manufacturer Microsoft accidentally launched a new landing page that included new games that will be announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo today — including the next iteration of the company’s wildly popular Halo franchise.

Five minutes of Rage trailer shows its the shooter to beat

id Software released another trailer of its Rage video game today. It shows that this game, which represents the state of the art in the multibillion-dollar first-person shooter game market, is the title to beat when it comes out this fall.